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June 20, 2024
[VIDEO] Edo LP in Turmoil as Internal Disputes Intensify
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[VIDEO] Edo LP in Turmoil as Internal Disputes Intensify

May 11, 2024

The Labour Party (LP) in Edo State is facing a deepening crisis, casting uncertainty over its position in the upcoming gubernatorial election scheduled for September 21. Allegations have emerged suggesting close collaboration between the LP leadership and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

A prominent party member from Oredo Local Government, speaking anonymously, revealed concerns that the ongoing crisis within the party stems from a perceived alignment with the APC. According to the source, party leaders are allegedly cooperating with the APC, leading to conflicting actions and decisions within the LP.

The source further claimed that the LP leadership knowingly overlooked a popular aspirant from Edo Central in favor of a candidate from Edo South, using it as a bargaining tool for their own interests.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the LP’s youth leader, Ken Omusi, announced the dismissal of the Kelly Ogbaloi-led executive committee due to what he described as oppressive leadership tactics. Omusi assumed the role of Acting Chairman and appointed an interim executive committee to replace the disbanded leadership.

Omusi, a longstanding member of the party, denounced the widespread suspension of members by the state committee, alleging that over 350 members were arbitrarily suspended via WhatsApp without due process. He criticized the state leadership for its failure to adhere to the party’s constitution and urged the national leadership to intervene and address the crisis.

In response to the turmoil, Omusi dissolved the former executive committee and called for the dissolution of all local and ward committees, signaling a significant shake-up within the party’s structure.

The escalating internal contradictions within the Edo LP raise concerns about its ability to effectively participate in the upcoming election, highlighting the need for swift resolution and decisive action from the party’s leadership.

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