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July 24, 2024
State Police will mitigate nation’s security challenges — Senate leader

State Police will mitigate nation’s security challenges — Senate leader

Jul 2, 2024

Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, Senate Leader, emphasized the potential of state police to address Nigeria’s security challenges during a lecture at the University of Ilorin. Speaking on ‘Constitutional Amendment and Political Dynamics of State Policing in Nigeria’, he advocated for decentralized security operations, citing the shortcomings of the central police force in managing national security effectively.

Bamidele acknowledged the complexities involved in transitioning to state policing, particularly the risk of abuse of power by state governors. He stressed the need for stringent checks and balances through constitutional amendments to ensure accountability and respect for human rights within state police forces. Additionally, he highlighted the economic considerations and called for federal support to aid states in establishing and maintaining their police forces.

The lecture aimed to foster inclusive dialogue among stakeholders, including civil society organizations and traditional leaders, to ensure transparency and public support for this transformative shift in Nigeria’s security landscape.

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