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June 20, 2024
Notorious Community Unions in Edo State Endorse Senator Monday Okpebholo, Sparking Concerns Among Citizens
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Notorious Community Unions in Edo State Endorse Senator Monday Okpebholo, Sparking Concerns Among Citizens

May 26, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, community unions in Edo State, notorious for their land-grabbing activities and thuggery in Benin under the APC administration, have thrown their support behind Senator Monday Okpebholo. This endorsement has raised alarm among citizens who fear the potential consequences of such an alliance.

For years, these community unions have been involved in illegal land sales, often using intimidation and violence to achieve their goals. Under the previous APC administration, their activities went largely unchecked, leading to widespread discontent and instability in many communities. The introduction of the Edo GIS policy by the PDP government aimed to bring accountability and transparency to land transactions, curbing the influence of these unions and restoring order.

However, with the upcoming elections, the endorsement of Senator Monday Okpebholo by these notorious unions has stirred anxiety among the populace. Many believe that Senator Okpebholo’s close ties with these groups indicate his willingness to repeal the Edo GIS policy, effectively dismantling the safeguards put in place to protect citizens’ land rights.

This suspicion is further fueled by reports suggesting that Senator Okpebholo has been promoting his candidacy to certain diasporas with a promise to restore the old ways of land management, which would grant these unions unchecked control over land sales once again. Citizens worry that this will pave the way for increased corruption and exploitation, reversing the progress made in recent years.

The fear among the people is palpable. They worry that the endorsement of Senator Okpebholo signals a return to the dark days of rampant land grabbing and thuggery, undermining the efforts to bring transparency and fairness to land transactions in Edo State. As the elections draw near, the citizens are left contemplating the future of their communities and the importance of safeguarding the policies that protect their interests.

The question now is whether the electorate will allow the return of such practices or stand firm in support of policies that ensure accountability and transparency. The stakes are high, and the choice is clear. Edo State’s future depends on the decisions made at the polls, and the citizens must decide whether to embrace progress or revert to a troubled past.

Osaro Josephine an independent writer from Oredo

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