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FCT-IRS Enforces Closure of School, Hotel, and Businesses Over Unpaid Taxes

FCT-IRS Enforces Closure of School, Hotel, and Businesses Over Unpaid Taxes

May 10, 2024

The Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) has taken decisive action against tax evasion by sealing off several establishments, including a hotel, a school, and three business premises in Abuja.

Led by Mr. Festus Tsavsar, Acting Director of Legal Services at FCT-IRS, an enforcement team executed the closure in accordance with a court order obtained by the IRS. The action, carried out on Thursday, aimed to address non-compliance with tax regulations.

Tsavsar emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “Today we went out to execute the Court Orders, which ordered the FCT-IRS to seal off the premises of defaulting taxpayers that were brought before it. We have been able to effectively comply with the court order by sealing off the premises as directed.”

One of the premises affected by the enforcement action was Deo Gratias International School in Games Village, Kaura. The school’s persistent failure to file annual returns despite multiple notices and a court summons led to the sealing off of its premises.

Tsavsar clarified that the sealed premises, which also include Rural and Urban Homes Ltd, Trevari International Company, and Phenomenon International Company, had violated FCT tax laws by neglecting to submit their annual returns despite repeated notifications and a court summons.

The enforcement action underscores the FCT-IRS’s commitment to upholding tax compliance and ensuring that all businesses and individuals fulfill their tax obligations. It serves as a warning to defaulting taxpayers to adhere to tax regulations to avoid legal consequences.

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