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July 24, 2024
Ekiti PDP: Their Fear of Fayose
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Ekiti PDP: Their Fear of Fayose

Jun 13, 2024

By Lere Olayinka

In the past three days, a section of the PDP in Ekiti State has been engulfed in a series of lamentations, triggered by the recent activities of former Governor Ayo Fayose. The question arises: Who is afraid of Fayose, and why are his two days of political engagement causing such a stir?

On Monday, Fayose was in Ekiti, where he met with over 1,000 PDP members from across the state’s 16 local government areas (LGAs). He continued his meetings in Emure and Ise-Orun LGAs, followed by visits to Ilawe Ekiti and Igede Ekiti on Tuesday, addressing party members in Ekiti South-West and Irepodun/Ifelodun LGAs respectively.

During a live radio broadcast aired on six state radio stations, Fayose announced his intention to provide N50 million for purchasing Nomination Forms for party members interested in contesting positions in the upcoming Ward, LG, and State Congresses. This offer was open to all party members, regardless of their factional affiliations.

This announcement has caused significant unrest among a camp within the party, accused of perpetuating internal divisions for personal gain. This group allegedly wants to maintain the North Senatorial District’s dominance over the State Chairmanship, contrary to the tradition of rotating positions among the senatorial districts. The South last held the State Chairmanship in 2008, and Fayose argues for a fair distribution of party positions.

Opponents of Fayose, who have previously benefited from the party’s disunity, including funds from the 2023 presidential election, are resistant to his efforts to unify the party. These individuals have criticized Fayose’s financial offer, with some anonymous party chairmen rejecting his funds for Nomination Forms.

The critics have yet to propose an alternative to Fayose’s financial support, raising questions about their commitment to the party’s unity and their plans for addressing internal issues. Fayose’s opponents have a history of actions that weakened the PDP, such as the 2018 ousting of PDP LG Chairmen and Councilors, and suspending PDP lawmakers, leading to a significant shift in the State House of Assembly’s power balance.

Fayose’s detractors, having previously left the PDP or worked against it, now position themselves as champions of party loyalty. Their opposition is reminiscent of past conflicts where Fayose emerged victorious despite significant opposition.

Fayose’s current message emphasizes unity within the PDP. He has consistently stated that no single group can achieve success alone, urging all factions to come together. Despite this, his critics continue to accuse him of aligning with the APC, a claim contradicted by their own engagements with APC figures for personal benefits.

The reluctance of Fayose’s opponents to accept his involvement in the upcoming PDP Congresses suggests they were unprepared for his proactive approach. They anticipated a continuation of the party’s disarray, allowing them to exploit the situation as they did with the funds from Atiku’s election campaign.

Fayose’s recent activities have exposed the underlying fears and reluctances within a faction of the Ekiti PDP. His call for unity and equitable distribution of party positions challenges the status quo, causing unrest among those who have historically benefited from internal divisions. The coming days will reveal whether these internal conflicts can be resolved or if the party will continue to grapple with its divisions.

My name remains Lere Olayinka, observing from the heights of Oke Agbonna in Okemesi Ekiti, enjoying life with good palm wine and bush meat. If you are not against Fayose, you are welcome to join me.

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